Festo Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve Price List

Festo Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve Price List

Festo Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve Price List

Pneumatic solenoid valves typically control air flow and gas handling. Wheels, cylinders, tubes and diaphragms are the pneumatic actuators on which these pneumatic solenoid valves are used. The 5/2-way pneumatic valve has five ports, two positions that will introduce liquid or air at one end and discharge at the other. The 5 ports are spaced evenly and have two positions, it is used to simultaneously isolate and bypass fluid through a passage. Industrial Estore is the most trusted online shop for 5/2 way pneumatic solenoid valves. Festo is a famous brand available in our online store. You can check the price list here https://www.industrialestores.com/?s=festo+pneumatic+single+solenoid+valve&post_type=product

Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve

Festo MFH-5-1/8 9982 Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve 1/8″x5/2 Way
( https://www.industrialestores.com/product/festo-pneumatic-single-solenoid-valve-mfh-5-1-8-9982-1-8×5-2-way/ )

1. Item : Single Solenoid Valve
2. Position : 5/2-Way
3. Port Size : G 1/8
4. Body : Aluminum Die Cast
5. Design : Poppet Seat
6. Operating Pressure : 1.8 – 8 bar
7. Media : Air

Festo MFH-5-1/4 6211 Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve 1/4″x5/2 Way
( https://www.industrialestores.com/product/festo-pneumatic-single-solenoid-valve-mfh-5-1-4-6211-1-4×5-2-way/ )

8. Item : Single Solenoid Valve
9. Position : 5/2-Way
10. Port Size : G 1/4
11. Body : Aluminum Die Cast
12. Design : Poppet Seat
13. Operating Pressure : 2.2 – 8 bar
14. Media : Air
You can avail discount on each product from Industriale-store. The automatic price calculator will help you to calculate the product’s price according to selected quantity. Product brochure can be downloaded directly from the online store for detailed product specifications.

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