Alfa Pressure Switch

Alfa Pressure Switch

Alfa Pressure Switch


A pressure switch is a device that detects changes in air pressure. In the case of an Air Compressors, it would detect if the air pressure level drops below a certain point and turn off the Compressors. An air compressor is a machine that compresses air. Air compressors are commonly used in industrial settings where compressed air is used to power tools, operate pneumatic systems, and perform many other tasks.

A pressure switch is commonly used in controlling the electric air compressor’s operation process. This product comes with reliable Alfa’s branding. And Industrial eStores offers this product at an exclusive price range. This Alfa product is Ideally Suited for Air Compressors and Pressurized water plants. You can check our range of Alfa Pressure Switch from our website.

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When the pressure inside the container drops below a certain level, the switch turns off the compressor motor. A pressure switch is often used to turn off the compressor if the tank becomes empty or if the compressor runs continuously for long periods of time.


  • Suited for Air Compressors.
  • Smooth and Trouble free with exceptionally long life.
  • A wide range of differential pressure setting available between starting and stopping pressures.
  • It’s reliable and it’s affordable.

The application of Alfa Pressure Switch is automatically starting and stopping motors of air compressor and Pressurized water plants.  Since the product comes with Alfa’s quality you can be rest assured that these products will be highly reliable and effective. This product is available on Industrial eStores website at a reasonable price. You can place your order online and the Alfa Pressure Switch be delivered to your location safely. But if you still have questions left about this product or about the ordering process then please feel free to contact us so we could assist you accordingly.


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