Lpg Natural Gas Solenoid Valve

Lpg Natural Gas Solenoid Valve
Lpg Natural Gas Solenoid Valve

The liquid petroleum gas on-off solenoid valve is a device positioned between the tank and the regulator to stop the LPG flow during petrol-fuelled operation and while the engine is off. Compact sized, taking up very little space, this device is available in a standard and an oversized version; it is equipped with a replaceable filter; filter replacement and/or cleaning is carried out without having to disconnect the feeding tubes.

A gas solenoid valve has much application and we can sort it in two categories one is commercial use and the other one is residential use. Commercial uses of includes the pneumatic machinery that uses gas pressure to move its parts. As for manufacturing facilities it uses solenoid valves to control the movement of gases used in their manufacturing processes.

There is a lot of application of this tool; one of such would solenoid valves used inside furnaces in Residential applications. These control when the gas comes on and is ignited by the pilot light to create warmth. Also the vehicles which use natural gas as their fuel need these valves to control the flow of the gas into engine cylinders. Gas powered cloth dryers also an important example which uses Lpg natural gas solenoid valve.

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